bloom blanket
bloom blanket bloom blanket bloom blanket bloom blanket
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$ 600.00

Introducing the witty Counterpane BLOOM! It's the ultimate spring symphony with "Cherry blossom" motifs. Crafted from 100% linen, this bad boy rocks a romantic and vigorous watercolor touch!

Like a cool cousin to our BLOSSOM set, it flaunts four-tone clover petals. Flip it over, and you've got that natural linen charm. And the choices? Woody, eucalyptus, or gold backgrounds – pick your poison and let the mischief begin!

It's a family affair – match it with the linen plains collection, cushion covers, or our trendy TEOPHILE – the new organic cotton plain satin!

So, get ready to bloom with the cheeky Counterpane BLOOM – the spring awakening you've been waiting for! Time to embrace the humor and charm in style!


  • 100% Linen - 170g/m² - printed
  • The dimensions indicated always correspond to the dimensions of the product before machine washing
  • Counterpane 100% Linen - 170g/m² - printed
  • Made in Italy
  • Made to order, lead time ~ 4 weeks