bricks floor base oak
bricks floor base oak bricks floor base oak
$ 299.00

The Bricks series sets the standard for Scandinavian storage solutions, with its crafty construction and clean looks. Make your own masterpiece brick by brick—a movable trove, a room splitter, a wall-mounted shelf, a side table, or a collection of decorative items!

Designed by Ditte Vad and Julie Begtrup
The two Danish design talents studied together and found that they shared the same aesthetic sense, view on materials and expressions in their designs. With a belief that designers have the opportunity to improve the surroundings, they aim to create honest and functional designs that allows a dynamic interaction between the design and its user. 


  • Length: 43 cm ~ 16.9" inches
  • Width: 36 cm ~ 14.2" inches 
  • Height: 7,50 cm ~ 3" inches 
  • Material: White pigmented lacquered oak
  • Fully assembled
  • Self-locking floor base for the Bricks cubes
  • Country of origin: Latvia