collar 2.5 seater
collar 2.5 seater collar 2.5 seater collar 2.5 seater collar 2.5 seater
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$ 6,649.00


With its curvaceous lines and crooked back cushions, Collar turns traditional sofa design on its head and gives it a modern twist. Its sinuous sides provide ample support for the cushions and create a wide resting angle to relax on. The low backrest and continuous back cushion make it feel like you're getting a comforting hug, thanks to the determination of the delightful memory foam.

Designed by Meike Harde
Meike Harde is a multidisciplinary German designer with her own design studio based in Cologne. With a fine knowledge of textile, she rethinks textile applications and creates visually light and constructively smart designs. 


  • Length: 246.50 cm ~ 8.1' feet
  • Depth: 110 cm ~ 3.6' feet
  • Height: 74 cm ~ 2.4' feet
  • Seat height: 40 cm ~ 15.7" inches 
  • Materials: Plywood, metal, foam, elastic belts
  • Legs: Black painted metal
  • Connectors: Metal sectional snaps
  • Cushions: Two cushions included in the same fabric as the sofa
  • Price groups: Available in five price groups.  Explore our fabric selection here
  • Country of origin: Estonia