elevate 2 door cabinet black
elevate 2 door cabinet black elevate 2 door cabinet black
$ 759.00

Elevate's modular styling provides an abundance of possibilities to stack, dowel, and then... ELEVATE! Transform it for office supplies, plants, a masterpiece, or just a collection of boxes, all without the fuss of tools. Impressive!

Designed by Camilla Akersveen and Christopher Konings
An upcoming and talented design duo born in Norway. They aim to create designs that are both playful and aesthetic while being multifunctional and suitable for daily life. The designs are characterised by simplicity and clean lines rooted in the Scandinavian design heritage.


  • Length: 71 cm ~ 2.3' feet 
  • Width: 35.40 cm ~ 1.2' feet 
  • Height: 32.90 cm ~ 1.1' feet 
  • Material: Black painted oak veneer
  • Screws: Included
  • Suits shelf C, shelf D and shelf E
  • Country of origin: Lithuania