mineral wall hanging black patina
$ 270.00

Solid brass shapes painted a matte black hang delicately on you wall or in front of a window, or....wherever you like. We love the understated whimsy of these mobiles.

The Mineral Wall Hanging in black patina expands our signature design language beyond the circle. Playing with shape and form, each component is heated and formed, creating an organic sensibility that feels truly one of a kind. This wall hanging would be a lovely addition to any modern home, it can be styled in a group of other wall hangings or stand alone.

Dimensions: 29” H x 4” W x .5” D

Weight: 1 lb

Materials: Made entirely of brass components. The deep, naturally nuanced black is achieved through the reaction of brass dipped in blackening patina. Each piece is hand buffed and finished with a matte lacquer.

Installation + Care: Hang from a nail or hook. Intended for indoor use. Exposure to the elements could damage the finish of the patina. Wipe with a dry cloth.

* Formerly Wall Hanging No. 11 Small