turn wall hanging patina black patina
$ 160.00

Solid brass shapes painted a matte black hang delicately on you wall or in front of a window, or....wherever you like. We love the understated whimsy of these mobiles.


The gracefully balanced Turn Wall Hanging in polished brass and a rich organic black patina finish. The geometric shapes are perfectly balanced. This playful piece can be styled in any room, either on its own or within a group of other wall hangings or artwork.

Dimensions: 25” H x 6.6” W

Weight: 1 lb

Materials: Made entirely of brass components, each meticulously sanded, buffed, and polished and then finished with a durable lacquer. The deep, naturally nuanced black is achieved through the reaction of brass dipped in blackening patina prior to finishing.

Installation + Care: Hang from a nail or hook. Intended for indoor use. Exposure to the elements will cause the natural brass patina process to accelerate, and it could damage the black patina finish. Wipe with a dry cloth.

* Formerly Wall Hanging No. 16