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For a splash of fun

Timorous Beasties Fabric

Noted for surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, the design studio, Timorous Beasties, is known for their creative and fun wallcoverings and fabric.

Award winning magnetic children's wallpaper

Sian Zeng Wallpaper

Beautifully handpainted and interactive wallpaper's that put an elegant twist on children's bedrooms.

complimentary shipping on orders $1000 or more

complimentary shipping

when you spend $1000 or more enjoy complimentary shipping to your door. A way of us at Adorn saying thank you, enjoy!

adorn.house is only the beginning.....a visit to our Seattle WA shops is the best way to purchase home furnishings.

People to people...it's how we roll.

We know it's not common these days, but we believe that online shops only work when they are a partner to a brick and mortar shop, which is why we do DO NOT post all our offerings on our website. Frankly, We would rather custom curated items specifically for you.

As interior designers, we travel to regularly to see the quality of the items we sell. We can guide you with confidence to select home furnishings to suit your taste, comfort and budget.  

Adorn is now located two doors down from our sister store, BRUME

We see customers individually by appointment, so we can give each of you the kind of service we think is necessary to best meet our clients' needs. 

renate@adorn.house  |  bridgette@adorn.house

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