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dictionary of distracting terms

Nobody likes to feel stupid, and that's the last thing we want you to feel. Every industry has it's own special vocabulary. Here are a few words and phrases we use all the time that may not be common to you.

If we have left any out - please let us know and we will add them in as we go.


  • Drops -
    • this is a piece of wallpaper that is full width off the roll and the length required to complete a section of wall from top to bottom, plus a little bit so the repeats can line up properly. A drop is not exactly the height of the wall - it is always a bit longer, rounded up to the nearest full pattern repeat for a straight match and to the next of the pattern repeat for a half drop match.
  • Straight Match:
    • Drops of a wallpaper pattern align directly next to each other
  • Drop match
    • A design in which the pattern is staggered rather than straight across. The pattern at the top is the same on every other strip of wallcovering. There is waste with the drop matching of large scale patterns, therefore, when dealing with a drop match, paper hangers use the technique of measuring and cutting adjacent strips from different rolls of wallcovering and alternating them. Also so known as a pattern drop.


  • single/double/triple roll
    • Wallpaper is often sold by an increment that you cannot actually buy - the elusive single roll. 
    • What this means to you is that you will have to double or triple the price and order by increments of 2 or 3, so double check when you order.
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