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ADORN MOVES TO ONLINE ONLY, 6/24! Please visit our sister store, Brume in Georgetown or Bellevue WA! *. Arrivederci!!

artisan-made, whimsical design, & sustainably sourced is the best curated resource for adornments for your home; Linens, wallpaper, accessories, and rugs.

Adorn is more than a website!

Adorn is more than a website!

We are so NOT limited to what we have on our site here at Adorn, in fact, you could argue that our website offerings are just an "amuses-bouche" of all the offerings available at the shop. 

Some items show well on a website, and are easy to ship to you regardless of where you live, while other thing require a bit more hand holding, have a broader range of choice than can be shown online, or are more complicate to ship - and so these things are simply not sold online at Adorn so we can give you the kind of one on one attention we like to give.

Furniture is the best example of this. We have samples of our vendors' quality in our showroom so we can discuss together what is the best match for your needs and budget. We also have an almost unlimited variety of fabrics to place on upholstered pieces - some from the vendors, and some we can get from other companies and send to the vendor. This is called using COM (Customers's Own Material). With the beautiful fabrics from Timorous Beasties, Newton Paisley, and others, why be limited by what the various uphosltery companies have to offer?


We are big fans of quality here at Adorn. I visit with owners of every company I represent. I visit factories when I can and if I don't feel good about a product, it doesn't make the collection. I'm available to personally advise our customers to assure you get what is the best fit for you. 


This heavy linen sofa is a good fit for many home styles. Multiple back pillows make it adjustable for all sized of people.

Linen sofa - 3up,2down


One of our favorite shops produced these lovely shirred leather pieces. BOOM!

Shirred leather upholstery by special order at Adorn


These Ralph Lauren chairs are the perfect preportion. The curved back assures your shoulders are supported through the third glass of wine and the wool suiting fabric is as classic as it gets. Yes, these chairs are available through Adorn!

Ralph Lauren dining chairs


I look forward to helping you find the best quality solution you can afford. Buy once, buy better and enjoy!



Curator and founder of Adorn LLC

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