kitchen linen

When I was a kid there was a woman who attended our church named Peggy. She would bring flowers from her garden. My sister and I would help her clean up after coffee and snacks and we would dry the dishes with her collection of linen tea towels. They were old, and threadbare from use, but they dried dishes better than anything.

Linen is absolutely the best fabric for kitchen towels. It is far more absorbent than cotton (not to mention poly blends...) and it dries faster too!

A linen towel is not for special occasions - it's not a luxury, it it an everyday tool that makes mundane jobs easier and more enjoyable. The high cellulose flax fibers soak up liquid and then release it quickly, eliminating that stale smell cotton kitchen towels can sometimes get.

These towels will serve you for years to come.


Machine wash and dry. 





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